Rumor: The Zune on its way out?

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Guild McCommunist, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Microsoft's attempt to dethrone the iPod, its music, movie and video game-playing hardware known as the Zune, may have just been put out to pasture. Bloomberg reports the Zune HD, introduced in 2009, will be the last of its kind.

    Microsoft will reportedly continue to sell existing versions of the Zune, but won't introduce new models.

    Bloomberg blames the demise of Zune hardware on "tepid demand," with Microsoft refocusing its efforts on supporting the Zune distribution platform—selling movies and music via digital distribution—on other platforms. Zune services are already available on Windows, Xbox Live and Windows Phone 7.

    Microsoft offered the following statement about the Zune's fate.

    "We have nothing to announce about another Zune device - but most recently have introduced Zune HD to Canada via Zune Originals store and remain committed to supporting our devices in North America. We are thrilled by the consumer excitement for Zune across many new platforms, including Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360. Our long-term strategy focuses on the strength of the entire Zune ecosystem across Microsoft platforms."

    Microsoft released a small amount of Zune HD-only games after adding the function to the platform, including variations on Project Gotham Racing and Audiosurf. The company has since moved its mobile game efforts to Windows Phone 7, which integrates with Xbox Live and features games based on the Fable franchise, Game Room and more.

    Rest in peace, Zune, and so long to the social.


    It's kinda obvious but it's a bit of a disappointment. The Zunes weren't really that bad. My brother has an older one and he still uses it to this day, and my friend got a Zune HD for Christmas and he likes it. Never really had a negative experience with them.

    On the other hand, with Windows Phone 7, it seems like it's obvious to outphase the Zune brand and push Windows Phone.

    Oh well, RIP Zune.
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    That thing never had any steam. To be perfectly honest, I thought it died a while back. Didn't realize they were still manufacturing them. Of course, if anyone can afford to beat a dead horse, it's Microsoft.
  3. ShadowSoldier

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    There was a lack of advertising and push behind it. Basically, it fell like Ico.

    It's a great little device. But if the Windows Phone 7 is coming, don't ditch this. Do what apple does, have the phone, AND the multi-media device.

    I was interested in this, because I'm tired of having bad experiences with iTunes and Apple. I love the iPod, but the crappy customer service, and the horribly broken, slow iTunes, I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it. Even when I'm listening to music, I don't open iTunes. I just plug my iPod (which is a 60gb video, it's all I need) into the speakers with the wire that came with them, and listen to my iPod instead.

    I wanted to get a Zune, but I suppose if they're canceling them, we'll see them for cheap on eBay.
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    Good riddance to another failed Microsoft project.

    They're the laughing stock of the mobile market. When I bought my iPhone the other day (and was considering a Droid) everybody at Verizon had a good laugh at my previous Windows Mobile phone.

    Windows Mobile 7 just secures their place on the bottom rung. To read about it is to read a long list of failures.

    If all you're running is an iPod there are tons of iTunes alternatives out there. Personally, I use Winamp because it's always been my music player of choice. Just install ml_ipod plugin and it handles my iPod Classic even better than iTunes because it has better functionality (like being able to read cover art from a variety of sources--I prefer mine as a single .jpg in same the directory, while iTunes only supports embedding an image in each individual mp3)
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    I think Microsoft just want to ditch the name Zune.

    You know, it's not much different from how iPods went from basic music players, to multimedia devices for apps, web, email, phone, text etc.
  6. tehnoobshow

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    Personally i thought that it died a while back.
  7. Satangel

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    Windows Phone 7 really isn't that bad mate, it deserves to be more of a success and I really hope it will be.
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    I'm unsurprised... doesn't really stop me wanting to try out a Zune, though.
  9. Sausage Head

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    Oct 28, 2010
    alanjohn check ur pm
    I have never really shown any interest in this 'Zune' stuff.
  10. DSGamer64

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    The Zune was a colossal failure from the start.
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    I had a zune HD for about a month. it was decent but couldn't compare to my iphone or ipod touch. there was a lack of oomph to it. if they had added more games maybe themes or took the android approach to it and make it very customizable it would've sold rather well. the idea behind its product is to take an idea (the ipod touch) and build on it. add everything that apple restrains like themes and those other little things.. i gave it 7/10 as for its demise it was obvious from the very begining they came in to late into the touch world and didnt back it up enough
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    guess Seth Mcfarlane was right in family guy about Mr. Pewterschmidt making fun of bill gates' Zune saying "he has an iPod like the rest of the world" [​IMG]

    Zune was DOA when it was first coulden't compare with Apple's cult culture sheeple fandom.

    all those poor fucks who bought a ZuneHD..when they

    ...COULD'A HAD AN iPOD TOUCH!! *palmslaps himself* [​IMG]
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    I have an original Zune and Zune HD, prefer using them both over my iphone 4 for music. The zune software is also much better than itunes. Sucks to hear them getting rid of it.
  14. soulx

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    Apr 4, 2009
    The Zune wasn't a bad device. It worked well. I still have an 8GB Zune.

    One aspect of the device did irritate me, though. I was forced to use the Zune software to access files on the player. The Zune software didn't work well when it came to moving pictures and videos. There was a workaround to use the Zune with Windows Explorer but it was only for older devices. It was a nifty little device, though. I'll miss it.
  15. RoMee

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    I like my ZUNE HD, it's pretty cool, but I see it more as a MP3 player, while my ipod touch feels more like a multimedia player.
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    i still have my ZuneHD .
    i appreciate the music browser and the application to sync songs . though if it's RIP for the Zune , i guess i should download the software before it disappears . at least they could release the firmware to make it open so that others can continue to develop on it for those who still own a Zune .

    EDIT: they use the same application for Windows Phone 7 devices right ? to sync apps and such ?
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    They never got over the fact that Apple stole how MS work with the iPod. Don't do it first, don't do it better, just do it bigger then convince everyone it was your idea. They couldn't be arsed doing the last step with the Zune. The only time I saw an ad for it was in a Linux magazine...
  18. RiderLeangle

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    Going to be honest, not going to miss it..
    I had a 4gb of the small one and within the course of a year or two it stopped functioning properly, the thing literally turned off if I put it in my pocket.. I had to carry the damn thing just for it to work right..
    And got an iPod touch and I'm liking it (Although honestly the touch (and to a degree the phone since it's pretty much the same thing) are the only iPod I can consider worth it, the rest are just overpriced mp3 players
  19. Oveneise

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    Wont really affect me, I'm just fine with my rockboxed 8gb Sansa Fuze.
  20. Guild McCommunist

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    I do find it funny that most people in this thread who bash the Zune don't own one or ever tried one.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they do some tweaking to WP7's OS to make it not for phones and repackage the Zune as a different device. As someone mentioned, much like Apple with the iPod Touch and the iPhone.