RUMOR- Sony working on Cheaper "PS Vita Slim"

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    In a surprisingly short amount of time, rumors are already circulating that the newly-released Playstation Vita will receive a slimmer and cheaper redesign. The Vita released just last month in Japan and hasn't even released yet in other regions. However, PSP World (via CVG) claims that Sony PS Vita designer Takashi Sogabe announced work on a new slimmer model of the Vita was already being developed right now.

    This comment was actually in regards to what the designer would LIKE to happen, not necessarily what certainly will. He mentions in regards to the original Vita the struggle he had with the engineers on the best design, as well as wishing that the button and analog placement had been different. Mr Sogabe also mentions the original intended model of Vita was actually slimmer than the present one (he even wished it to be made of metal, but that apparently interfered with wireless functions). Given the numerous redesigned rereleases of the original PSP, it seems fairly likely that Sony is already thinking about the future in regards to the Vita. A redesign is not so much a matter of if, but when.

    PSP World also mentions the possibility that the Vita will receive a substantial price drop similar to the Nintendo 3DS' recent one. By the 2012 holiday no less. Assuming this is true, slower than expected sales may have contributed to this decision. PSP World speculates however that the redesigned model may also be considerably cheaper than current Vita's price. Vita is scheduled to release in the US on February 22nd. It will be available in two models, one with 3G and one without 3G (wifi only). The 3G model will cost $300, and the wifi only model will be $250. Sony has not formally announced any change in the pricing of the Vita as of yet. And of course this all remains a rumor at this point.

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