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    Oct 13, 2018
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    I've written a shiny hunting bot for Gen 7 Pokemon games that takes advantage of the Rosalina Input Redirection.
    Step forward -> If not shiny -> soft reset.

    The problem is, randomly, Input Redirection stops working. The 3ds isn't locked up itself. I can try stopping the client on the PC (currently using Release 3.0), and restarting it, with no go. Even starting a new client on a different PC I can't get it to work.
    I've also tried disabling Input Redirection on the 3ds system, then re-enabling it.

    The only way I can get Input Redirection to work again, is to turn off the 3ds and turn it back on and start all over again.

    There isn't a specific time this happens. It can happen 900 soft resets in, it can happen 40 soft resets in. It might not ever happen at all during a hunt. Though usually, it happens around 600 soft resets in.

    Has anyone had any similar experience with Input Redirection ceasing to work until rebooting the system? Is there any work potential work around to prevent this from happening?

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