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    I've been having this thought for months, but never wanted to try it out, cause I dunno anything about rom hacking.
    But this is my "vision": Super Mario Galaxy3DS. It'd be a hack of 3D Land, but with more of a Galaxy vibe. Some levels will have the starry space looking skybox, and I was wondering you you could alter the colors of the skyboxes. Say, from Deep Blue to maybe Yellow. Honestly, it'd be cool if I could make my own skyboxes or rip some straight from Galaxy. lol

    Enemies, I don't feel need to be changed. Since most of them appear in the official Galaxy series (Take a drink every time I say the word "Galaxy")
    I can't think of a way to make mario do his little spin thingy, like in the game. But I thought of basing warp boxes off of star launchers.

    The game would have just as many stages as 3D Land, but of course altered. The special worlds could be like the special galaxy. Oh my gosh, I didn't mean for this post to even b half this long.

    Ok, my question is: May I have some links to some easy to understand rom hacking tutorials?
    And maybe a few heads up about putting it into action. I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into. xD

    Thanks in advance!

    (Please don't judge me, it's 2:44 in the morning, and I'm loopy x.x )
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