Rockman 4 Minus Infinity

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    "Rockman 4 Minus Infinity" is quite a bold title, but from watching the TAS of it, I think it deserves it. The tool-assisted speedrun for this game is about four minutes longer than that of Mega Man 4 (currently the longest run of a single original Mega Man game), which speaks for the sheer amount of content this ROM hack has.

    The game includes a lot of concepts introduced in other, later games, and ones not seen in traditional Mega Man games at all. Highlights include...
    • Music that gets faster as a boss's health is depleted and they lead into their desparation attack.
    • Cameos of and fights with bosses from other games, including Kirby.
    • An auto-scrolling section or two.
    • Cutscenes involve scripted events more complicated than just walking, including character interaction and an FF VII-esque "omnislash" move.
    • Additions to existing Mega Man mechanics, such as giant laser beams reflecting off panels instead of just moving left or right.
    • A one-time ability to shoot a mini-boss before he mounts his weapon, skipping the fight, akin to a boss in Yoshi's Island.
    • The status/HUD graphics change completely in some levels to fit a different theme.
    • Blocks that fade in and out include spikes as well, making timing more critical in these segments.
    • A boss that attracts shots into his raised sword, akin to how "Runic" in FF VI worked.
    • Music from all over, including Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru!
    • Much more...

    All in all, this ROM hack being done on the NES is very impressive. Entry
    Tropes List
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    Wow. This is an impressive hack. I wonder if the powerpak or krikzz's nes flash cart could run this?
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    LOL That pokemon sound when defeating the boss :P
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