Riivolution Ios37 problem.

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    Apr 3, 2013
    Hello, and thanks in advance for helping (if not, CURSE YOU! lol).

    The problem is not mine, it's on the Wii of a friend.

    We installed the HBC without any problems, and when we attempt to open Riivolution (1.04) to check if some custom models for SSBB work, a message saying "Ios37 Needs to be downgraded" appears. The program ask if we let it do it itself.

    At the final part of that installation (3/3) an error message pops saying that the installation failed (Error 1035). And it kicks you to the HBC menu.

    I guess we could downgrade it (if it's really necessary) with NUS Download and WAD Manager, but, I don't want to brick the console of my friend, I don't know what version of IOS37 we need to install, and if it has to be a WAD package or a file with different things inside.

    What are our options, and what would be the least risky/better one.

    His Wii it's 4.3E, and he updated the Wii shop too long before he wanted to put this. The thing is really weird because my own console it's 4.3E, I can run everything without problems (Well, emulators , Riivolution and other minor things, not loaders or other shit) and I never had this problem.

    I searched info and it seems that the Wiishop update also changed IOS37, it could be true because I updated the wii shop channel by other means and it could be skipped.

    PD:Excuse if I wrote something wrong, english it's not my language.