Revert from GW "fast boot"

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    I am a complete 3ds noob and followed GW fast boot and installed it. Then I realized how bad this is and want to revert to being able to go to Sysnand and Emunand back and forth.

    P.S: I do have a back-up pre-"GW fastboot" nand.bin

    How would I do that? Thanks in advance
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  2. dankzegriefer

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    Install arm9loaderhax like a person with a real brain.
  3. Newest Nick Team

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    You don't wanna know. :P
    Here's how to install the real arm9loaderhax:

    If you had a NAND backup from before (Hopefully it's 9.2 or below), put it on the root of the SD and rename it to NAND.BIN. Then use the Gateway menu using the L (Or L+SELECT if your using Gateway Fast-Boot) button and restore that NAND. Then use this noob-friendly tutorial for the rest:

    If you still want Gateway, then use BootCTR9 as a Luma3DS payload chainloader (SD:/luma/payload/button-letter-goes-here_Gateway.bin), and let BootCTR9 load Gateway.bin by default. So that way, when you hold down a button, you can go to Gateway at times. Luma3DS can be used when you don't have the Gateway card. More info on chainloading is here:
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