Retrogames on the switch. (Probably Retroarch)

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    Okay.. So a while ago, I was one of the ones that won the SX Pro.

    I've used it a little bit to test it, but I have no real desire to play real games on this particular switch. I want this almost exclusively for retro games.

    Now when going through several of the threads *and I'm not on 90 percent of the discords*, I see that some people say SX OS has problems with homebrew, and some of the homebrew communities will not support it.

    So now, I am trying to figure out what I should do, and perhaps get some links to the tutorials, as.. lets be honest the tutorial section is a bit of a mess right now.

    I understand I can use the SX dongle to load a payload besides SX OS for my CFW?

    If so, which one would be the best?

    What retroarch or RetroNX *because I heard they are not being supported anymore?* versions are the best?

    I prefer not to use Laka though.
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    I'm actually using SX OS for the most part and I don't have compatibility issues currently.

    It depends on what you want to play. My favorites are:

    SNES - Psnes (although the retroarch core does have more features)
    NES - Nintendo Switch Online (with custom rooms)

    But that's pretty much all of the emulators I *actually* use. Whenever I've dabbled in other emulators, I haven't gone wrong with the retronx cores but I like to use the standalone cores rather than the whole retronx package.
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    CFW Reinx. Emulator RetroNX was/is a work in progress retroarch port for the switch. RetroNX is in the process of being merged into official retroarch.