retools error O3DS 9.2 - kick to menu

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    So I helped a friend downgrade. All went well.

    Well, every guide we find says something like (the rxtool menu will pop up and you hit install - at that step), hhowever, go him, it goes to the menu and automatically installs. He didn't have to press anything. Now, however, whenever he tries to boot into the homebrew channel (browserhax), it flashes as it should, then kicks him back to the home screen...

    How do we fix it so it'll boot into the homebrew channel (so that he can install it on his emunand and so he can set up homemenuhax)?

    He just keeps getting that menu error that kicks him to the main menu. - and why do rx auto install? And how would he boot into emunand and make his emunand the rxtools one, instead of his Sysnand? Thanks.