Restoring a PSP 1000 unit

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    Hello all, I'm here with a few quick questions about a PSP-1000 unit that I'm looking to restore. I got the unit for free because it was in abyssmal shape, without a functioning UMD drive. I've put a CFW on it and got a 32 GB MicroSDHC with a memory stick pro duo adapter, so even without a working UMD, it's still very capable. The drive was badly bent, so I decided to just take out the contents and keep the backplate, but I'm looking some way to secure the backplate so it doesn't come off again, but I'm not sure on what to use. Would anybody be able to provide any suggestions?

    Secondly, the thumbstick top to my 1000 unit is gone, and I would like to get a replacement. I have no idea where would be the best place to get this at though. Looking on Amazon, I keep seeing $5 listings for them, but I figure that there is someplace that is cheaper.

    Here's a picture of the separated UMD backplate. The locking mechanism at the top still works fine to secure the top, but the bottom is always loose.
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