Hacking Resetting Corrupts?


Nov 7, 2006
United States
Hey all, I just wanted to share something that I've encounted with the SCDS1 and see if anyone can relate at all.

As you know, the SCDS1 (and a few other flashcarts, I believe) have a Reset Feature. This feature allows you to hold down a combination of buttons while in-game and your DS will be reset to the SCDS1's OS menu.

At first, I thought this was wonderful and I started using it all the time. But then, I noticed a small problem. I had been playing PW2 and resetting quite often (whenever my bar ran too low, I reset it and started up from my last in-game save). Toward the end of the game, I ran into trouble when trying to start up my save. Text from the game would appear glitchy, screens would freeze, and sometimes I would even be warped back to a previous case somehow with sprites missing and lots of fucked up shit. After a while, I gave up on trying to fix the problem from within the game and simply replaced the rom on my MicroSD for a newly obtained rom (same source and all) while keeping the .sav file. Upon starting the game up this time, everything was working perfectly! No more glitchy text or freezes! This also happened to me with another game recently, PW3.

So I was wondering if anyone had any idea what the cause of this is? I've never had any fuck ups with any other games on my DS, only the PW series gives me these problems. Is resetting to the OS bad for my files? Is it safer to just power off and power back on? Is it just Trite's games that like to jerk me around?

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