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    Jun 18, 2017
    I have just bought a Nintendo 2DS trough Amazon. On the Amazon listing it said that this Nintendo came with New Super Mario Bros pre-installed. I haven't started the Nintendo 2DS yet and I have taken out the SD card the system came with. I am planning on installing CFW, with this I could install the game for free. Therefore, I am looking to resell the Super Mario game. Does anybody know if this is possible? I have a spare SD card on which I can install the CFW. I was curious if upon first start up the game would be locked to my Nintendo 2DS or to my NNID account. And if the person that bought it from me can insert the SD card and lock it to his NNID account. I have seen on the forums that digital games do not resell, only with NNID account.
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    You can not transfer or sell your free game. You only get the free game upon the first time you set up the console so if you were to set it up and then reformat it the game would be gone forever (unless linked to an NNID). You could save a system NAND of the system with New Super Marios Bros and try and sell that but the only people who could buy it are cfw users who can already get it for free since its a legit CIA.
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    Not true - the game is linked to the console and if formatted, the game will be available for redownload from the eShop.

    OP, if you want to give it to someone, they would have to system transfer to your console, wait a week, then transfer back. If they had a new 3DS there would be the added complication of you having to transfer to a spare N3DS, waiting a week, them transferring to the spare (merging the game with their account), then waiting another week and transferring back to their console. This whole thing involves them trusting you with their console for a week or two, so it would only work for family or friends.
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    honestly it's more effort than it's worth, the prevalence of cfw makes it kinda unlikely you will find anyone that bothered about having a "legit" copy, but even if you did, the likelihood of finding someone who wants a digital copy is also slim, especially when they could just to buy a retail cart, so unless your giving it away or offering it to someone for like pennies I think most people wouldn't really be bothered with all the messing about.

    Ps just to clarify, the game is already tied to the console, it's not just on the sd waiting to install, so you can't just pop that sd into another console, you have to be with the other person to perform the system transfer, so you couldn't just sell it online o anyone, it would have to be someone local to you
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    Jun 18, 2017
    Thank you, then the effort is indeed not worth it.
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    Cartridges are better sold as the likely buying audience would be those who don't use CFW or exploits, and thus don't get free games via that way. The methods to selling would usually be to a crowd who can get the game for free anyway and wouldn't have any need to pay...