Requesting translation - hanjuku hero ds

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  1. Magus


    Oct 26, 2002
    well i have readed the thread sticked thread and i'm hoping that i'm not doing anything wrong... anyway hanjuku hero is a long standing series from square... it's basicaly a SRPG (although the DS version is more akin to a normal rpg) but it's full of weird joke and funny stuff (the snes version is actualy a parody of final fantasy 4 with weird version of the 4 fiends oh and in the ps2 version you take battle against 3D invasor with your perfectly flat 2D army!) the game is really really really old in fact it harks to the first day of the DS... actualy a translation by square was in the work but then for some weird reason (guess they couldn't fit the name final fantasy anywhere >:( ) it got scrapped and nobody ever talked about it again
    the biggest part of the game probably resides in the monsters you can summon... they are all quite crazy here you can see BROCK LEE in action
    and here is robomooglecop in action
  2. Raestloz

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    Feb 7, 2008
    The World of Illusion
    this one looks good, too bad I can't help translate
    EDIT: LoL, BROCK LEE is green, and that MoogleCop actually say Kupo
  3. Pioggia

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    May 28, 2008
    oh-M-gee i remember this game! when the ds was first announced i remember seeing this in the line-up next to a bunch of other pretty 3d games which never got released over in the west
    it would be great if someone took this up but it would appear most of the people capable of translating etc are doing their own trans
    shame. but what ya gonna do [​IMG]