Requesting help Hacking 3DS 4.5 10U

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    Jul 9, 2010
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    I have been trying to Hack my 3DS none XL for the first time and i seem to get stuck.
    As mentioned firmware 4.5.0-10U

    I followed this guide to install the mset with the qrcode

    after i install MSET i go to this guide to install Pasta CFW

    I follow all the instructions exactly up to step 8, where i Hold the L button and click DS profile, but instead of getting the appropriate screens, my screen light fades off and after a few seconds i get kicked out to the home screen and the system says "An error has occurred, forcing the software to close. The system will now restart. (Unsaved data may be lost.)". It restarts and nothing has changed.

    Might not be relevant but i am using a SanDisk 32gig SDHD card

    thanks for the help in advanced, and sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
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