1. Drowze

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    Jan 6, 2013
    So the other day I was updating my stuff on the 3DS's SD card and got really confused around things like "Ok, I updated my Launcher.dat, CTR Boot Manager and the homebrew browser, I'm good to go" "...shit, I forgot to update Themehax"

    Pretty straight-forward I guess, the idea I'm proposing is some sort of version checking via homebrew. Even a simple boolean checking "is it updated?" would be interesting already (I suppose hash-checking the files would do the trick).
    For compatibility and usability purposes, the homebrew could have some sort of .cfg file where you input which stuff you want to be checked.

    The biggest issue I could think of is that someone would be having to update it everytime something gets updated. What I've thought to at ease the hassle of it would be a pastebin with the last versions written to it and the homebrew connecting to the internet to check it (but I don't even know if hb can connect to internet); that way only the pastebin file would have to be updated and several people could work on it once in a while.

    Idk, this may not be as trivial as I make it sounds, but it's still an idea.
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  2. RednaxelaNnamtra

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    Dec 8, 2011
    I think we need a db for homebrew to do this from inside of one app. But it could be included in the apps itself very easily. I added it recently to my free multi patcher, and it was very easy, the only thing I didn't got working was restarting it after the update process, so it only closes itself.
    For customfirmwares i think a stand-alone updater would be needed, because its not possible to download files from arm9, but it could be included in the launcher application.
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