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    Jan 30, 2008
    Hi. Can anyone make me the following? I'm making a website for coursework and I'm planning to include the following images. Can anyone please make these for me?

    - 5 sets of boxes with 120x46 resolution that will act as buttons as header links for my website. Two versions (one as a normal button and another as a mouseover button - can be a pushed down box or anything. Buttons should be: "Home", "CV's", "Comments", "Buy" and "Site Map".




    - an image with 800x400 resolution with the name "Console Crazy" with the subtitle "Home of Elusive Merchandise" at the bottom right with any gaming related background. Would prefer if the color scheme would blend with dark colours very well.

    - an 800x150 version of the image above, without the animation. It will be used as the website header. Also has to be transparent.

    All images must be in JPG format. Please make it so it would blend well with a dark background.


    Anyone? I need this really urgently...