[Request] Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Battle Editor tool

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by FrozenDragon150, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. FrozenDragon150

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    Nov 6, 2014
    Hi! Maybe this is not the place to ask for this but please bear with me! (Then again, if this isn't it, then I dunno where, the actual hacking community for this series has but a reaaaally small room for this specific game)

    Okay, for this game there are already some tools available, but to edit battle data we still have to do it the hard way, through hex editor, which is ohholymotherofjesus annoying and tedious, greatly limiting both interest in the game AND the scope of creativity, since the more complex the stuff we have in mind, the more hexing we have to do :'(

    I think there is another user that would be interested in a battle editor, he has a thread here about a mod he's making, I think it was called "FFT A2: Redesigned" or something like that.

    Right, the actual request, I need someone to make a simple tool, maybe a nightmare module, even, to edit battle data for this game, no need to research, we already have the data but I'm not really sure if I can post it here, but since it's not copyrighted material I guess it's alright?


    That other user also posted a rough overview of how the unit data is made:

    00: Sprite/Character (00 = Generic)
    01: Job
    02: Min Level
    03: Max Level
    04 05: Name (00 = Random, if the unit has a special sprite = Cid)
    0A: X Position
    0B: Y Position
    0E 0F: Ability 1
    10 11: Ability 2
    12 13: Ability 3
    14 15: Ability 4
    16 17: Ability 5
    18 19: Ability 6
    1A 1B : Skillset 2
    1C 1D: Ability 1
    1E 1F: Ability 1
    20 21 : Ability 3
    22 23 : Ability 4?
    24 25: R-Ability
    26 27: P-Ability
    28 29 : Equip 1
    2A 2B : Equip 2
    2C 2D: Equip 3
    2E 2F: Equip 4
    30 31: Equip 5
    3A 3B: Faction?

    Well, there's that, if ANYBODY wants to tackle this, I'd be very grateful, in fact, lots of people would be grateful for it.
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