ROM Hack Replacing sprites in SS with ones from Pearl


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Sep 18, 2007
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I've been wanting to do a modification like this while I wait for my acekard to get shipped, but before I start messing with the roms I want to double check and see if I have the general idea of what I'm supposed to do.

1. Open Pearl with PokeTex to get the overworld sprites from that game.

2. Open Japanese SS with PokeTex to edit the overworld sprites.

3. Extract the .narc files associated with the overworld sprites from the japanese rom.

4. Import the .narc file into the english rom.

The only things I am still wondering about are:

1. Is there any quick way to copy and paste a sprite from the Pearl game into the Japenese Soul Silver game without manually editing it using PokeTex?

2. Would it be possible to just take the .narc file straight out of the Pearl rom and put it into the Soul Silver rom?

3. What addresses will the overworld .narc files be located in the Japenese and English versions of Soul Silver? I found another topic on here that says a/0/8/1, and a/1/7/9 for the Japanese rom, will it be the same for the English rom?

Any comments/hints will be appreciated, I've been plugging away without much success for a while.
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