Replacing a Compressed Graphic File

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by blackcarbond, Apr 7, 2013.

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    I am doing a rom hack on Hannah Montana - The Movie (don't judge me lol). I want to change the graphic file for the Disney boot logo (when the game starts there is a Disney logo) and I want to add a custom image where the Disney logo is. I went in Crystal Tile 2..

    I found the files (in the image above). This rom is a bit wierd. I need three files...
    .NSCR (have it) map file
    .NCGR (don't have it) graphic file
    .NCLR (don't have it) palette file
    In the picture you see the Disney logo file but there is a .ncgr_. I have never seen this file extension before. I assumed it was a compressed file with the last two files I need (NCGR and NCLR). I extracted this .ncgr_ file and decompressed it with BatchLZ77 (which had no errors and decompression went fine)

    Then I went back to work in Crystal Tile 2 to open my decompressed file. I had no luck with opening this decompressed file in CT2. I cannot open the sub-file sort as shown in the image below..

    If anyone has a clue on how to resolve this it would be greatly appreciated. I want to get into this .ncgr_ file.
  2. Normmatt

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    thats because an ncgr is just a raw image its not a file container like a narc. just view it in the tile viewer.
  3. Auryn

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    Jul 21, 2011
    If you never saw NCGR/NSCR/NCLR before it means you are new to NDS hacking because those are standart formats for the NDS. Anyway, it's not bad if you start from something easy like Hanna Montana.

    Anyway, to decompress that file, you don't need external programs.
    On your first pic, just right click that file and choose extract.
    Then open that file with CT2; with the right settings, you will get this:

    Now it's a matter to find the right palette and you are ready to edit it.
    I don't have time now to search it for you because i have to go work but it's one of the NCLR files.

    Anyway, after editing the image, you can recompress the file with CT2 (check tools)
    and insert the compressed version of your file back to the rom (see right click on the file in your first image).


    here you go, got he palette :P
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