Removing emuNAND from og3ds advice?

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    Apr 2, 2013
    hey guys, i am really confused about this.
    i have not done this for quite a long while now.
    and thought maybe there is a simpler way of removing emuNAND and i do not want to mess up.

    so here's the thing, i have a og3ds (a9lh +luma) and it is on 11.2 emuNAND and had 9.2sysNAND.
    what i did was i cloned 11.2 emuNAND with D9 and flashed it onto the sysNAND (Keep A9LH).

    now when i boot with L pressed to boot sys i can see the titles i have installed on my emuNAND.
    i check settings and see sys 11.2

    so that is done, how do i safely delete the emuNAND partition ?
    when i push my mSD into my computer, i see it is titled as EMUNAND9SD , i guess i have to format the mSD with SDFormatter yeah?

    i am currently copying the data from the mSD into my pc.
    so after i format it, i simply have to copy the data back into my mSD and that is it ?

    (i think i answered my question by myself in the end, thread can be deleted , sorry for the inconvenience ! XD)
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    May 20, 2017
    You can also use GodMode9 to format your SD card.After you launch GM9,press the home button,select "More...",then select "SD Format Menu".Use the "No EmuNAND"option to remove the EmuNAND partition on your SD card.
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    Apr 2, 2013
    that's exactly what i did just now !
    thank you C:

    i did this so that i go on ahead and install b9s on my og.
    if all goes well i will switch my n3ds a9lh to b9s as well.

    my n3ds has no emuNAND so that one will go faster.
    but i want to put my og to test first.