Remote Joy Lite Problem

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    Jan 31, 2015
    Hi everyone!I have a problem with RJL.I have a PSP E1000 and CFW 6.61 PRO-C.Anyway,I didn't experience this problems with many games,just with one...Naruto Shippuden-Ultimate Ninja Impact.I recorded the game 3 times before using Fraps and RJL but today every time I started a mission the game would run okay for a few seconds and then freeze on both my PSP and RJL.Since I recorded it a few times before I'm thinking this is just a bug or glitch.If you can help me pls reply to this post.
    P.S:I know RJL is known for freezing when loading or saving a game but that's not my problem.I learnt how to avoide freezing when saving or loading.
    Thx in advance.BTW,sorry if there are any spelling mistakes or grammar.English isn't my native language :).P.S:My RJL is v0.19...I think...maybe I'm wrong.