[RELEASE] rinCheat SE - Savedata cheat app

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    all credit to Rinnegatamante

    just passing the info

    rinCheat SE (SE stands for Savedata Extension) is a stand-alone homebrew extension for rinCheat.


    rinCheat SE allows you to apply several cheats to your savedata with few passages.
    You can select your savedata slot and your preferred cheats from the official database that will be automatically updated at homebrew start.
    rinCheat SE also works as a database updater for rinCheat since when it will download database updates, it will update both rinCheat and rinCheat SE updates.
    It supports both rinCheat and vita-savemgr.
    Current available games in our database can be seen here (Savedata tab): https://github.com/Rinnegatamante/rinCh ... ase-Status
    Feel free to make Pull Requests to add your cheats to the official database.


    - Apply cheats to your savedata with few steps and without any knowledge
    - Supports both rinCheat and vita-savemgr natively
    - Supports CRC32 checksum patch if needed
    - Supports multi-offsets cheats
    - Auto-updates rinCheat and rinCheat SE databases at startup
    - Supports uma0:, ur0: and ux0: partitions


    - A huge thanks to Slade for providing tons of cheats (95% of the cheats in the database are made by him) and for testing the homebrew
    - gnmmarechal for testing the homebew

    Why the homebrew is marked as unsafe:

    This is needed for game title extraction from SFO files


    - Updated to latest build of lpp-vita.
    - Improved GUI with the addition of System messages.
    - Fixed a bug causing the updater to fail and the interpreter to return an error randomly.
    - Fixed an issue causing the app to show an error if a savegame folder didn't have full slots folders.
    - Fixed an issue causing the app to show an error if the savegames folder was empty or didn't exist.
    - Added support for uma0: and ur0: partitions for savedata storing (sinergyzing with SavedataPlus).

    - Fixed two critical flaws breaking the normal homebrew behaviour


    Sourcecode: https://github.com/Rinnegatamante/rinCh ... /SE_module
    Download: http://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/#/info/46
    Current cheats database (Savedata tab): https://github.com/Rinnegatamante/rinCh ... ase-Status
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