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    ONScripter is an opensource cross-platform SDL based clone of the NScripter Visual Novel engine.

    Oncripter-EN uses unicode string format, so providing the needed fonts (when not distributed with the novels) should play every language novels (chinese, korean, etc.)

    Note: I'm only releasinga preview (v0.1) not stable, with soem functionalities disabled (mp3, lua, avi) and others crashing (mpeg video). Controls needs to be tweaked, the novel selector is a basic console GUI, there are graphical bugs and the code is very slow. But at least it's working.

    The player runs on intrenal 640x480 resolution (used by most novels) scaled to 320x240. This makes text not readable. Use 320x340 novels if you want to use this preview other for testing. I'll try to tweak the code to solve this problem in the future.

    Attached there is a zip file with the cia package, the 3dsx build and a sample configuration file.

    I'm providing also the freely distributable files to enable midi playback trough Timidity (used by SDL).

    the Source vill be released when the code is clean enough.

    The original ONScripter was written by Opagee.
    Onscripter-En is a project fork that supports the English language, maintained first by Haeleth. This version is based on Onscripter-EN fork by Uncle Mon.


    Ver. 0.1 - preview (24 Aug 2017)
    - First release. It's a preview that is barely playable


    3dsx: put the onscripter.en folder inside the zip in /3ds on your sd.

    CIA: install the CIA, create a onscripter-en folder in /3ds on your sd and put inside the onscripter-en folder the ons.cfg file provided in the zip.

    MIDI Patches: To enable midi sound put the timidity folder in the Timidity.zip file package in the /3ds folder. The timidity.cfg must be placed in a folder mamed etc in the root of your SD (this places works for both 3dsx and CIA format) or in the root of the SD (only for CIA format) or in the 3ds/onscripter-en (only for 3dsx format).


    - A: Action
    - B: Skip
    - X: Automode
    - Y: one step mode
    - L: toggle fulldcreen
    - R: change text speed (rotate on three options: slow - medium - fast) but since game is very slow there is not difference at the moment

    - Arrows: move menu selection or advance on text
    - D-PAD: mouse movement (disabled at the moment)

    In the 3dsx build, to exit the game use a novel option (if any) or force a shutdown. For CIA the home button works.

    Known Bugs

    - a lot of things

    To Do List

    - too long ...


    ONS5. ONS4.
    ONS3. ONS2.

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  2. ElyosOfTheAbyss

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    Aug 20, 2015
    oh awesome, Cool that someone finally did this :D
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    May 28, 2013
    OMG!!!i need to try this right a way , thanks bro
  4. 425745

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    Jun 19, 2017
    United States
    thanks for releasing this
  5. pdapanda

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    Nov 19, 2014
  6. pdapanda

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    Nov 19, 2014
    I have tried fate stay night (Chinese),but it bugged me out.
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