[RELEASE] New Pokemon ORAS Online working MEGA Cheat Plugin

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    Jun 7, 2018
    In the last few weeks Ive improved my knowledge about searching and editing values with the ctrpf blank Plugin.
    Now I want to release the PLugin that Ive worked on.

    Credits:Swear,JourneyOver for some codes.
    All PSS ONline Cheat codes and some others were made by me.

    So here are some screenshots at first:
    I wasnt able to add screens because Im a new member.

    Now lets talk about the Cheats

    Ive added many cheats to the Plugin.

    My favourites:

    Walk trough Walls
    Any Pokemon can mega evolv
    PSS Hacked Icons

    How to use:
    You should know,that you will need cfw on your 3ds/2ds too use this Plugin,aswell as Ntr cfw selector.
    When you are ingame press Select to open and close the menu.To open the Cheat menu,click on the Action Replay boutton.
    Remember,that when u are online,u can only open it for 7-12 seconds.Otherwise you will get disconnected.

    How to setup the Plugin:
    1.Get Ntr cfw selector and open it one time
    2.Put your sdard into your PC
    3.On the Root of your sdcard should be a Folder called "plugin".
    In this Folder you need to make another Folder with the name of the Title ID of your game.
    (Title IDS:
    Omega Ruby: 000400000011C400
    Alpha Saphire:000400000011C500
    4.Put the Plugin files in the title ID Folder.
    It should look like this:
    IMPORTANT don't touch or edit the cheats.txt file.
    5.Put your sdcard back into your 3ds and start ntr.
    6.Enjoy the plugin.

    Download Plugin:

    Version 1.0

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    Nov 10, 2018
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    Nice first version. There's 1 or 2 that don't work tho. Any Pokemon can mega evolve. That doesn't work. Amazing work tho. Can I suggest something that you can add?
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