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  1. Blazingflare

    OP Blazingflare GBAtemp Fan

    Mar 3, 2013
    United States
    For all you peeps that have already played the WiiU Hyrule Warriors or just can't be ass'ed to do the grind in the game ;)
    The offsets and save editors featured work for the saves in all regions. There i are two NTR plugins. One only works with the Japanese version is more fully featured. The other works for both US and EUR versions of the game.

    NTR Cheat Plugin
    [Here is a cheat plugin for the game.]
    All credit for the plugin goes to ioritree on speedfly.
    Currently the NTR plugin only works with the Japanese base version of the game. I didn't make the plugin so there isn't anything I can personally do.

    It features:

    • Infinite Health
    • One hit KOs
    • Infinite Special Bar
    • Infinite Magic
    • 0 damage taken in Adventure Map battles (for A-ranks)
    • 3000+ total kills in battles (for A-ranks)
    • Freezing stage time (for A-ranks)
    • Max Rupees after buying anything
    • Max experience after gaining any
    • Max materials after picking up or spending them
    • Changing weapons to 5 's and giving them 8 attribute slots
    • Changing any weapon to any other weapon
    • Customizing every attribute on a weapon
    • Maxing out every adventure map item
    • Maxing out fairy food after feeding some to a fairy
    • Unlocking all costumes
    Make sure to disable any of the weapon modifier codes when you enter battle or the game may crash.
    If you sell all of a character's weapons except for one and change that weapon to a different character's weapon, then you will be able to enter battle with that normally unusable weapon. If you don't get rid of all of the extra weapons, then the game will choose one of the character's other weapons instead.

    Note: If you swap all of a character's weapons to something else, then that weapon will be unusable until you either find another of that weapon in battle, or change another character's weapon into it.
    EX: If you change Ruto's only Zora Scale into the master Sword, both Ruto and the Zora scale will be unusable until you either find another random Zora Scale weapon in battle or change one of another weapon into a Zora Scale


    Hyrule Warriors Legends USA/EUR 1.6.0 — NTR Cheat Plugin

    Hyrule Warriors Legends USA/EUR 1.6.0
    NTR Cheat Plugin
    Place in correct folder for region
    EUR: sd:/plugin/000400000017EB00/cheat.plg
    USA: sd:/plugin/000400000017EA00/cheat.plg
    * Rupees
    * Materials
    * Delicious fairy foods
    * Large gratitude crystals
    * Adventure mode items (for all maps including DLC)
    In battle:
    * Infinite Special
    * Infinite Focus Spirit
    * Infinite health
    * Infinite healing potions
    Battle results:
    * 10,000 Kills
    * 0 Damage taken
    * Easter Egg :D
    For the battle/results cheats the plugin attempts to detect whether you're
    playing Legend/Free mode, or Adventure mode (as different cheats are needed)
    Let me know if you encounter a *reproducable* situation where this
    doesn't happen
    The infinite health code is imperfect. It only works for the first selectable
    warrior, it sometimes locks the health of an enemy, and the Master Sword
    (also probably the Heart-strong skill) doesn't function as if you have
    full health. If these are problems just use the infinite potions code
    to keep your health topped up.
    Credit goes to BeserkLeon for the 1.2.0 version of this plugin
    ———Original Credits———
    Credit for Rupees and Kills codes — Seasame
    Credit for Special, Magic Gauges, and materials codes — Deathwing Zero
    Credit for Master Quest Map adventure items code — Ranadiel
    And still no-one has stumbled across my little easter egg.

    PC Utilitys
    @nedron92 Made a save editor that can currently do all of what ScarletKohaku's could and more.
    It comes in GUI and command console form.
    [You can find it here]
    Currently version 2.1.3

    It can:
    • Edit and Max Rupees
    • Edit characters
      • change whether characters are unlocked or not
      • change individual characters levels
      • change or max character EXP
      • change or max character attack
    • Change or max any bronze, silver, or gold material amounts
    • Edit Weapons
      • change stars and base damage
      • change skills
      • change weapon tier
    • Change or max any Fairy food amounts
      • or just max gratitude crystals
    • Change or max any of the adventure map items for any currently released map
    • Edit My Fairy fairies
      • change the name for any fairy
      • max all current personality traits for any individual fairy
      • edit individual fairy levels
      • edit individual fairy trust
      • edit individual fairy refresh amounts
      • change whether individual My Fairy slots are unlocked or not
    Future versions of the editor may feature rudimentary My Fairy appearance editing.

    @ScarletKohaku made a PC save editor utility for those of you that don't have cfw or don't like/can't use NTR. It works for all regions.
    [You can find it here.]

    It can:
    • Max out Rupees
    • Max out character exp
    • Max out Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze Materials
    • Max out all Fairy Food
    • Max out items for Adventure Map 1 and the Great Sea Map

    Stored at 0xDE to 0xE0
    For max Rupees, change 0xDE and the following bytes to 7F 96 98 = 9,999,999 Rupees

    ScarletKohaku made a pastebin detailing the weapon structure in full.
    You can find it here.

    Bronze Materials

    Metal Plate - 0x1924
    Monster Tooth - 0x1926
    Old Rag - 0x1928
    Soldier's Uniform - 0x192A
    Rock - 0x192C
    Aeralfos Leather - 0x192E
    Fiery Aeralfos Leather - 0x1930
    Gibdo Bandage - 0x1932
    Redead Bandage - 0x1934
    Lizalfos Scale - 0x1936
    Dinolfos Fang - 0x1938
    Moblin Flank - 0x193A
    Sheild-Moblin Helmet - 0x193C
    Piece of Darknut Armor - 0x193E
    Stalmaster Wrist Bone - 0x1940
    Big Poe Necklace - 0x1942
    Essence of Icy Big Poe - 0x1944
    Hylian Captain Gauntlet - 0x1946
    Goron Armor Breastplate - 0x1948

    Newly added Bronze materials

    Big Blin Hide - 0x19BE
    Stone Blin Buckler - 0x19C0
    Monster Horn - 0x19C2

    Silver Materials

    ganon mane - 0x194A
    king dodongo claw - 0x194C
    Gohma's Acid - 0x194E
    manhandla toxic dust - 0x1950
    argorok ember - 0x1952
    imprisoned scale - 0x1954
    cia bracelet - 0x1956
    volga helmet - 0x1958
    Wizzro's Robe - 0x195A
    Link's Boots - 0x195C
    Lana's Hair Clip - 0x195E
    Zelda's Brooch - 0x1960
    Impa's Hair Band - 0x1962
    Ganondorf's Gauntlet 0x1964
    Sheik's Kunai - 0x1966
    Darunia's Spikes - 0x1968
    Ruto's Earrings - 0x196A
    Agitha's Basket - 0x196C
    Midna's Hair - 0x196E
    Fi's Heels - 0x1970
    Ghirahim's Sash - 0x1972
    Zant's Magic Gem - 0x1974
    Round Aeralfos Shield - 0x1976
    Fiery Aeralfos Wing - 0x1978
    Heavy Gibdo Sword - 0x197A
    ReDead Knight Ashes - 0x197C
    Lizalfos Gauntlet - 0x197E
    Dinolfos Arm Guard - 0x1980
    Moblin Spear - 0x1982
    Metal Moblin Shield - 0x1984
    Large Darknut Sword - 0x1986
    Stalmaster's Skull - 0x1988
    Big Poe's Lantern - 0x198A
    Icy Big Poe's Talisman - 0x198C
    Holy Hylian Shield - 0x198E
    Thick Goron Helmet - 0x1990

    Newly added Silver materials

    Big Blin Club - 0x19C4
    Stone Blin Helmet - 0x19C6
    Helmaroc Plume - 0x19C8
    Phantom Ganon's Cape - 0x19CA
    Twili Midna's Hairpin - 0x19CC
    Young Link's Belt - 0x19CE
    Tingle's Map - 0x19D0
    Linkle's Boots - 0x19D2
    Skull Kid's Hat - 0x19D4
    Pirate's Charm - 0x19D6
    Tetra's Sandals - 0x19D8
    .King Daphnes's Robe - 0x19DA

    Gold Materials

    Ganon's Fang - 0x1992
    King Dodongo's Crystal - 0x1994
    Gohma's Lens - 0x1996
    Manhandla's Sapling - 0x1998
    Argorok's Stone - 0x199A
    The Imprisoned's Pillar - 0x199C
    Cia's Staff - 0x199E
    Volga's Dragon Spear - 0x19A0
    Wizzro's Ring - 0x19A2
    Link's Scarf - 0x19A4
    Lana's Cloak - 0x19A6
    Zelda's Tiara - 0x19A8
    Impa's Breastplate - 0x19AA
    Ganondorf's Jewel - 0x19AC
    Sheik's Turban - 0x19AE
    Darunia's Bracelet - 0x19B0
    Ruto's Scale - 0x19B2
    Agitha's Pendant - 0x19B4
    Midna's Fused Shadow - 0x19B6
    Fi's Crystal - 0x19B8
    Ghirahim's Cape - 0x19BA
    Zant's Helmet - 0x19BC

    Newly added Gold materials

    Helmaroc King's Mask - 0x19DC
    Phantom Ganon's Sword - 0x19DE
    Twili Midna's Robe - 0x19E0
    Keaton Mask - 0x19E2
    Tingle's Watch - 0x19E4
    Linkle's Compass - 0x19E6
    Majora's Mask - 0x19E8
    Island Outfit - 0x19EA
    Tetra's Bandana - 0x19EC
    King Daphnes's Crown - 0x19EE

    Old NTR Plugin
    imthe66st made a NTR cfw plugin that maxes out Rupees, maxes out all materials, gives you 5x of all adventure map items, and optionally boosts all your warriors attack power to 60k (It's permanent and only for testing right now. Back up your save first.).
    It now includes an EXP modifier that sets your warrior's level to 99 with the appropriate attack increase.
    [Get it here.]

    Things that still need to be found.
    • Adventure mode tile unlocks and ranks
    • Adventure mode map completed status
    • Adventure mode maps unlocked
    • Story mode missions unlocked
    • Costume unlocks
    • True Master Sword requirements
    • Skulltulas in Adventure and Story mode
    • Character Heart Containers
    • Remaining My Fairy stuff
      • facial and hair style/color apperance
      • fairy skills and personality

    Any help finding offsets would be greatly appreciated.

    • Added all the Bronze materials
    • Added all the original Silver materials and some of the new ones
    • Added another todo
    • Added the rest of the Material offsets
    • Added a PC tool that automatically maxed out Rupees and an NTR cfw plugin that does various things
    • Tidied up the OP a bit
    • Added NTR plugin
    • Updated ScarletKohaku's editor
    • Swept the old offsets and NTR plugin under the rug


      • Added weapon offsets
      • forgot to add changelog date

    • Added nedron92's save editor
    • Replaced weapon offsets with a link to ScarletKohaku's Pastebin that has more of the offsets and in greater detail
    • Removed the long found items (all of them :O) from the things that needed to be found list and added new ones
    • Added BtEtta's NTR plugin for US and EUR
    • Updated the link to the newer version of nedron92's save editor
    Last edited by Blazingflare, Nov 4, 2016
  2. Scarlet

    Scarlet Pretty Pretty Princess

    Jan 7, 2015
    United Kingdom
    All your item offsets are two places apart, all you really need to do is find where the last one is and you've got your complete set, shouldn't take too much effort ^^
  3. Damon_girl

    Damon_girl GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Oct 27, 2015
    United States
    Wow...I JUST posted yesterday on here how good a Hyrule Warriors save editor would be and I thought we wouldn't see one for another couple of months when both versions are released, so I'm very impressed right now. :)
  4. Scarlet

    Scarlet Pretty Pretty Princess

    Jan 7, 2015
    United Kingdom
    Bit of info I believe to be accurate:
    Those are what I believe to be the 77 items in the original Hyrule Warriors. Upon editing, I have 255 in every item I can see on the Badge Market for old characters (Link, Impa and Sheik) - including Gold and Silver drops I haven't encountered yet. Another interesting thing is that if you haven't actually picked them up in-game, they'll still show as "??????????", but you CAN use them for badge upgrades. I'd assume the extra materials just follow on from those offsets, but since I don't know how many there are yet, I don't really want to go editing randomly. Great work with the list man, hope this helps you ^^
    (Note I don't know which is which on the list, but for people just wanting everything like me, this is probably useful)

  5. Damon_girl

    Damon_girl GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Oct 27, 2015
    United States
    What do you write to make the items max out? Can you provide a list of what you have done so far?
  6. Scarlet

    Scarlet Pretty Pretty Princess

    Jan 7, 2015
    United Kingdom
    Um... I've forgotten the names of all the items, but those should be all the materials from the original Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U. None of my Toon Link upgrade materials have increased in quantity, so I'm fairly sure it's the case. All the FFs you see are me changing the material quantities to 255, so it's fairly easy to do.
  7. Damon_girl

    Damon_girl GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Oct 27, 2015
    United States
    Okay. I don't care about the names. I just want to max out everything. XD I wish there was a way to edit your level but this is good enough so far.
  8. GalladeGuy

    GalladeGuy Cool and Epic

    Oct 28, 2015
    United States
    Well that was fast. The game isn't even out in US and there's already a work in progress save editor.
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  9. hrkmwk

    hrkmwk Member

    Dec 31, 2015
    This might be a useful resource for the material names.

    NB: This is for Hyrule Warriors but I'm assuming Legends will be the same unless the new characters drop materials. A possibility, I guess.
    Last edited by hrkmwk, Jan 21, 2016
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  10. Mystic Shadow

    Mystic Shadow GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 2, 2015
    United States
    Are you able to see the max lvl? Gameplay videos show 99. But the wiiu is 255. Not trying to be a scrub here haha.
  11. Damon_girl

    Damon_girl GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Oct 27, 2015
    United States
    How do I find the max rupees? I tried searching the offset but it says it can't be found.
  12. purechaos996

    purechaos996 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Nov 5, 2008
    United States
    This is great, I really didn't want to have to grind up all my characters again. Wish there was a way to just transfer them from WiiU.
  13. Blazingflare

    OP Blazingflare GBAtemp Fan

    Mar 3, 2013
    United States
    I figured that much out looking at the offsets. I want to figure out what offsets go to which items. Also, the material offsets are 16-bit offsets since they each go to 999. I just don't know whether the extra byte comes before or after the main byte.
    If you replace all the bytes from 0x1924-0x19BC with "FF", that should completely max almost all of the materials minus the ones added to the game.
    There are new materials for all the new and DLC characters in the game.
    Big Blin Hide
    Stone Blin Buckler
    Monster Horn
    Big Blin Club
    Stone Blin Helmet
    Helmaroc Plume
    Phantom Ganon's Cape
    Twili Midna's Hairpin
    Young Link's Belt
    Tingle's Map
    Linkle's Boots
    Skull Kid's Hat
    Pirate's Charm
    Tetra's Sandals
    King Daphnes's Robe
    Helmaroc King's Mask
    Phantom Ganon's Sword
    Twili Midna's Robe
    Keaton Mask
    Tingle's Watch
    Linkle's Compass
    Majora's Mask
    Island Outfit
    Tetra's Bandana
    King Daphnes's Crown
    I still need to find that offset. The number for character levels doesn't seem to actually be stored in the save, so it's probably based on EXP instead. I don't know what the max level is yet.
    Are you using HxD? Use "Goto" and type in DE. It will take you right to the offset.
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  14. Scarlet

    Scarlet Pretty Pretty Princess

    Jan 7, 2015
    United Kingdom
    It reads right to left for each 16 bit value. So 00 01 = 256. Well if that's what you were asking anyway ^^ Thanks for the list of new stuff, managed to max out everything now, just didn't know how many new things there were!
  15. Thirty3Three

    Thirty3Three Musician Member

    Mar 22, 2013
    United States
    We should find some Gateway cheats ;)
  16. desrone2

    desrone2 GBAtemp Fan

    May 2, 2015
    Noob-y query but what do I need to edit my save? A hexeditor? and where can I get what i need to edit the save?
  17. c4388354

    c4388354 GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 23, 2015
    United States
    Memory Locations for Gateway Cheat Editor.

    0856AA04+05+06+07 = Rupees (7F 96 98 00 = 9,999,999 rupees)

    0856C24A+4B = Metal Plate
    ~ Items are between these addresses at every 0x02 (max appears to be 0xE7 03 / 999 Items)
    0856C2E8+E9 = Monster Horn

    0856C326+27 = This is the last Item I've found that changes its amount when edited,
    I set memory address 0856C24A+4B to 01 00 and increased the
    value by 1 every 2 addresses so 0856C24C+4D was 02 00.
    0x0856C326 corresponds to the highest value that I could find.
    (note: I've only just finished stage 3, so I may have more items to unlock / find)

    0856C348+49 = (This may be the end of Item List as there is non-00'd data after this address)

    Locations appear to be static, exited and restarted game twice, same location.
    Not sure how to convert these into gateway cheats. I've just been editing the RAM using the Hex Editor.
    Last edited by c4388354, Jan 22, 2016
  18. desrone2

    desrone2 GBAtemp Fan

    May 2, 2015
    Was that answer for me in the first part of your post? I don't understand
  19. c4388354

    c4388354 GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 23, 2015
    United States
    If using a CIA, you can use 'SaveDataFiler' to export your decrypted save, then use a hex editor (like HXD) to edit the decrypted save and reimport it using SaveDataFiler again
    If you are running the .3ds rom using a Gateway flashcard (like me), you can use the cheat list / memory editor function instead of save editing if someone can convert my above codes.
  20. Blazingflare

    OP Blazingflare GBAtemp Fan

    Mar 3, 2013
    United States
    Download HxD to edit your save. There are plenty of guides on the internet on how to use hex editors. Just search "How to find offsets in hex editors" in google.

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