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    Hello friendlies, I present to you Feather. A computer video game/application manager that.... Well... You get it.
    No longer in the early, beta stages!

    Feather was written from scratch in C# and it's primary purpose is to store images as well as directories and open them. Specifically focused on opening .exe and .bat files so you can organize your desktop and leave your desktop fresh and clean from icons and shortcuts but feel free to add your own files to it. Such as .3ds files if you have Citra and you already linked that application to work with those files, or .wad fles so you can store your Wii and .iso for your Gamecube ISOS and open them up immediately via Feather!
    (How you set up files that are NOT .bat and .exe is up to you and if any files do not open up the way they are meant to and say "Please select a program to open this file with" because you did not tell your computer to open them up when they are double clicked on is NOT an issue with Feather and I am not held responsible if your 6 thousand dollar Windows future gaming rig explodes and your future children hear the cries of agony in their mother's stomach)

    New in v1.0:
    -IT IS ACTUALLY WORTH USING. (Other than the obvious fact there are millions of other software exactly like it and....)
    - Rewritten entirely from the original. Now there is an infinite amount of games you can add and you do NOT need to have a special name system for the files. They simply must be in .png format. (Though a name system is recommended.)
    - Very hardly noticeable cosmetic changes to the UI.



    This works on both 32 and 64 bit architecture and was made on a Windows 7.
    Find your Image folder. (<FEATHER.EXE LOCATION>/Feather_Data/Image) and drop all of your images (.png) here.
    Turn on Feather and it should find your game on front board. Click it and it should say "PATH NOT SPECIFIED" and "EXE NOT SPECIFIED". (If it does not then your computer is infected with the G-Virus and should be disposed of immediately) Simply fill in the blanks. Path should look something like this: "Path\Path\Path" Do NOT finish it with a (\) Backslash. That will be put for you. Exe should look like this: "YourApplicationNameInThatDirectory.exe". There can be spaces of course in both the directory and the application.
    If it is a .bat file then put .bat instead of .exe. Or if it is any other file, put the file extension that belongs. Press Save and if you have more images you put in there, click the X on the "Start Game" window and proceed to do the same with the rest. When you are ready to launch, press Start Game. And you are all set! Easy enough.
    Feather is meant to be used with Video game Cover Art and and because of such, has a portrait style-image viewer. USE LONG, NOT WIDE IMAGES. They will be stretched to fit.

    All images are organized from Left to Right then from Top to Bottom via ALPHABETICAL ORDER OF THE IMAGE NAME IN /Image FOLDER. If you assign GTA V, for example, that was the SECOND game as GTAV.PNG, and you, later in the future, add Call of Duty as CoD.jpg, then Call of Duty will then have all of GTA V's credentials since Alphabetically C comes before G.
    To AVOID this, have a name structure for your games. So you know that every time you add a game (.png) it will ALWAYS go to the bottom of the list. So, for example, GTAV.PNG will be 1GTAV.PNG and 2CoD.png or Game1.png, Game2.png and so on and so on.
    I noticed that when using doube digits. (10, 11, 12, etc.) and more, the alphabetical system becomes more complex. So then it would be in this order: "1, 10, 11, 12, 2, 3, 4" instead of "1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12,". It looks at which DIGIT is highest. Not the number overall. So 1.1 is higher than 1. But NOT higher than 2. When 1.1 is actually 11, not 1.1. I personally use the "110.png, 111.png, 112.png, 113.png" system for games 1-4 to avoid this. If you have over 1,000 games this system may need to be tweaked to "1110, 1112," etc. (Which if you do, you should wait for an update that supports pages. and thicker organization)
    Also be weary of this when removing images. To keep things organized you can simply put a place holder where the remove game was. such as "NO GAME"
    If you remove a game at the bottom of the list, you don't need to worry about this. Only if there are games in front of it.
    Also please note, this uses PNG images and (Possible) the ability to use icons. The entire point of Feather is to have awesome video game covers and art up close and being shown in a fancy way, but if you guys prefer alpha icons, though I have not tested it, they should indeed work as expected.

    Pressing "Save" will also save your options on the right side.
    All data is saved in your Feather_Data folder so no need to go picking around. BUT if for whatever reason you wish to reset your data, delete save.data in your Feather_Data folder. This will remove all of the Paths and executable names as well as your right side selected options.

    The options on the right side include:
    Music: Mutes or plays the music.
    Close Upon Opening: Closes Feather when pressing "Start Game".
    Mute Upon Open: Keeps Feather opened in the background but mutes the music when pressing "Start Game".
    Pressing Save at any point on any application cover will save the settings on the right. And don't worry: Pressing Save without assigning a path or exe will not overwrite what you currently have. If you only want to change one of either the path or exe then it will only save the one that has been changed while the other stays the same.

    What to expect in future editions:

    - New color themes and layout options for the games instead of just tiles the way it is shown.
    - portrait, landscape and square view layout for images.
    - Any bug fixes that got through testing.
    - better image loading organization instead of the alphabetical system it uses.
    - Give me ideas.

    I know Feather is the same as what Steam, Origin and what many other applications do. But I made this because I don't use Steam or Origin. And I am weary about using other software because of background processing reasons. I wanted an application that DOES NOT OPEN UP TEN OTHER BACKGROUND PROCESSES THAT CANNOT BE CLOSED WITHOUT CLOSING THE MAIN APPLICATION (Looking at you, Steam. <_<) or an application THAT DOES NOT NEED TO BE OPENED IN THE BACKGROUND, SLOWING MY NON-GODLY COMPUTER UP FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON (Looking at you, Origin. <___<) and at the same time does not take ten years to open while being processing heavy all the while just to organize my desktop. I personally hate having icons on the desktop. Looks ugly. The icons themselves are cool but not at all as cool as they could be like on Nintendo Switch or something. That's why I created Feather. To be what I want it to be without the nuisance of having a garbage processor that I have. So anyways, I know a LOT of you guys use Steam and such and this application isn't very useful to you, but it's useful to me and I hope anyone who uses it likes it or tries it out just to see what it's about.

    Doubt any of you guys will really use this much but if you want a Mac version of this application, just request it.

    I did not make the music. The music is the instrumental of "All the Wrong Places" by Example. I did my best to try to replicate Keygen/Crack application music.
    ..... Not that I would know what those sound like or anything... <_<

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    Icons do indeed work as intended but don't come running to me because they simply do not look as good as cover art. :)


    PS: ATTENTION. When testing this alpha icon out, I noticed that when pressing save, it can take about 1-2 seconds to do so. I currently do not have an icon that shows that it is saving, so after pressing the Save button, PLEASE wait a few seconds because exiting Feather, pressing save again, etc. In the future I will show a save icon and disable the save button for a few seconds after pressing it to avoid corrupted data, but just to be on the safe side, after saving everything, backup your save.data file every once in awhile. Putting in all of those file paths and exe names over again can be a real mess and is quite annoying. Be on the safe side and do not turn off the system/application or try saving again while it is currently saving. :)
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