[RELEASE] Feather 2.1 Windows Video Game Manager

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    The application for applications.
    This applications organizes all of your Windows applications AND STRAY FILES in one place so you can have your hub without cluttering your desktop or simply making it look ugly with hundreds of shortcuts. (Notice how squeaky clean my desktop is)



    This application saves your file paths, file names and allows you to add your own name. (Example: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D as seen in image.) Pressing Start Game allows all of these applications to run! :D
    You may even add your own music to loop in the background and some more nice features

    For changelog, full list of features and how to use, read the README file. :)


    The main point of this aside from organization is to allow support for cover art. Yeah yeah yeah. There are alternatives. Steam, Origin, blablabla. But I don't use those. And even if I did, I don't like how they are processing heavy in the background and have a lot of junk (Friends' List, Store, full Library, Settings, etc.) when I just want to organize my applications WITHOUT 12 different processes opening in the background, taking 6 years to open and 800 million useless features stopping me from quickly selecting what I want to select and move on or enjoy the sight. (And not the advertisements... Origin. >_>)

    Has been tested and made on Windows 7. Should work on 8, 8.1 and 10 (And perhaps Vista and XP... Who knows.) but if any issues appear feel free to tell.
    Feather is a work in progress and will be updated more since I use Feather a whole lot. And eventually I will complete the grand feature that will allow for pages and organization. That will surely make this far better to use than the many others out there that lack such features.
    Do give suggestions on features you would like to see in this type of application. Even if you will not use this or it does not affect you. It would be appreciated.

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    ...... PS: Song is made by me. It is called "Sick Replica" and is apart of an album by the same name.
    IF you are interested you can Google it but it may be hard to find since it has like... 0 views. XD