Release: Application Storage Manager v0.01, use that ur:0 extra space!

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    Application Storage Manager
    A little app that allows you to move applications from your memory card (ux0:app/) to your internal sorage (ur0:app/) (and vice-versa).

    It basically does the following:
    - Copy the files from ux0:/app/<TITLE_ID> to ur0:/app/<TITLE_ID>
    - Modify the app.db to point the bubble at the new location
    - Delete the old files if everything went correctly

    As of now it just uses the debug text as a menu because I wanted to have it done relatively quickly, but I'll add a proper GUI when I have the time.

    Keep in mind that this hasn't been 100% tested and some apps MIGHT not work when moved to the internal storage. I've only tested it with homebrews and not with games. I take no responsibility for any harm this might do to your console.

    How to use
    - Use DPAD UP and DPAD DOWN to change the selected option
    - Use X to select/confirm
    - Use O to go back/cancel
    The confirm button will be binded to X even if your console uses the O-to-confirm bindings because I had some problems while trying to check the actual system confirm button. I'll make it work as intented once I fix it.

    It's an unsafe homebrew because it needs access to the whole filesystem (ux0:app/, ur0:app/, ur0:shell/db/). The source is also linked below, so you may build from source if you want.


    Source code:

    Latest Release (v 0.01):

    found this on wololo.. all credits to them they say...

    VITA 1000 Has 2.5 gigs u can use

    VITA Slim 1.5 gigs u can use
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