ReiNand CFW...constant loop problem?

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    Aug 15, 2015
    Ok, after almost kill my NEW 3DS i decide to downgrade my old one. Localy for me all ok, im now on 9.2 and i decide to finaly use ReiNand. I follow this guide:
    All go one ok untill i arrive on the ReiNand part, i boot the file via MenuHax (installed on the standard withe theme) and i boot ReiNand...the problem arrive now. The boot go instantly in Menuhax again and again, evrey time i start fresh the Reinand this happen. So im in this constant loop of menuhax thing (even if i don't press anything somethimes the 3DS start Menuhax). For the record i use ReiNand-v4.1_O3DS, becouse the guide use the boot for the NEW 3ds, and the last version of what is the problem?
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