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    Jul 22, 2015
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    hi! so i'm kind of a noob with 3ds homebrew and i think it's better to ask before fucking up! so i bought a pal new 3ds (regular size) that is currently on 9.0.0-20E and i just want to be able to use my NTSC games. so i'm planing to use regionFOUR to make that happen but i just saw that Ninjhax 2.0 was released and apparently it works in the latest firmware (not sure) and it also disables region locking (not sure again :-P) so should I update my 3ds now and use Ninjhax 2.0 or should i leave it on 9.0.0-20E and use regionFOUR? I already have the 3ds but the copy of cubic ninja is in the mail.
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    Nov 30, 2014
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    Ninjhax 2 pretty much makes regionfour obsolete and you should use it instead.
    Leave your new system on 9.0. End of story.
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    Dont update. You have one of the best firmwares. You can use RegionFOUR, Ninjhax, and Ninjhax 2.0 0n 9.0.
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