Recovering Wii Message Board - corrupted SD card

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    Apr 2, 2014
    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to ask for help in recovering my Wii Message Board posts which were archived on SD card but the card got corrupted in the meantime.

    I am a big fan of posting huge ammounts of photos from City Folk and writing daily memos on my Wii Message Board for almost two years now. These are all valuable and irreplaceable memories for me and everyone who plays on this console.

    As you might know, the Wii system automatically archives older Message Board messages every now and then (to save space), and puts them on the SD card. Later when you want to view them, it reads them from the SD card.

    Recently my SD card got corrupted and now I cannot access it via SD card reader on my PC (the PC only gives option to format it). If I try to access it with the Wii, it gives the message "The Device Inserted in the SD Card Slot Cannot Be Used".

    However, when I scan the SD card with a recovery software I do see a folder structure very similar to what it used to be when I could normally read it with card reader before (when it wasn't corrupted). So it definitively reads folders wii > title > HAEA > *nested folders with dates, times and logs* > .000 files
    (I learned about this folder structure on the following thread:,67230,67287

    Here is the printscreen of the folder structure, from my recovery scan:

    My question:
    is there any hope to make a clone of my corrupted SD card and to make it work again on the Wii?

    In example, is it as easy as recovering all folder structure from the corrupted card on the PC and then copy and pasting the entire folder structure from the PC to the brand new blank SD card?
    If I do this, and put such a cloned SD card in the Wii, will the Wii Menu read all data back normally? Will the Message Board show archived messages as it used to prior to the card corruption?

    More importantly, can this permanently mess up my Wii system if I insert such a new cloned card into Wii?

    Note: my Wii console doesn't have and never had any modding software installed, and if possible I would love to keep it this way.

    Thank you for reading and answering.
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