Recovering a game .sav file

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    Jun 26, 2015
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    Hello, apologies if this is not the correct place to post.

    I have been trying to search and try everything I can to solve this, but haven't been able to find anything. I don't know if I'm searching for the correct terminology.

    Basically I lost my eshop digital download AC:NL town due to a faulty SD card. I put 300+ hours into it and I'm trying everything I can to get it back.

    On my computer I have the SD card backed up, but of course when I try to use the "backup" I get the "cannot use save data because it was not the last data saved" error.

    I've been trying to recover the save data by playing around with it using hex editors, but I always get the same two errors "cannot use save data because it was not the last data saved" or "save corrupt".

    Anyways, I also have an extra AC:NL cartridge, and when I did a powersaves backup I noticed that the backup .BIN file was EXACTLY the same length as the .sav file from my SD card, except there was a header of 156 bytes, which consisted of mostly 0's.

    Does anyone have experience or tips on how I could take my .sav file, add the correct 156 byte header and load it onto the cartridge through powersaves? (once I have it on the cart I was going to use the Save data transfer tool to get it back to the digital version). I have tried so many options and this looks the most promising right now.

    TL;DR I have an AC;NL .sav file that I want to recover by putting it on a cartridge (or digital version) but I've had no luck the past 10 days :(