Recording gameplay with HDMI?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Gaisuto, Dec 25, 2008.

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    I've always been a sucker with my own ways of logging gamse I play. Recording gameplay, taking screenshots, I do it a lot. I've always wanted to do recording of console games, always! Never been able to afford the means to, not even that $80 Dazzle thing I see people talking about a lot.

    So with the new replacement 360 I got, I saw it had the HDMI slot, which my laptop does as well. Looking into if I could record using HDMI, I'm getting a ton of mixed answers. Some just say no, others say yes if your computer can handle dual inputs, others say yes without any explaination, and then there are more No.

    So does anyone have a rough idea if it's possible or not? I have a feeling it's not but it'd be really cool if I could pull it off in the long run.
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    Well, I'm just taking a guess here, but surely an HDMI input on your laptop will just connect to its screen? As far as I know, PCs don't take advantage of any HDMI devices, so having a port would be useless. It may be an HDMI-out anyway, so you can plug your laptop into other monitors/TVs.

    Best you can do is find a dual-port DVD recorder or HDD recorder. My one downstairs can record through external sources, though I've never tried it with a console.
    But then, like you said, it's incredibly expensive.

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    Sorry for being late and bumping this thread, but if you mean capturing with an HDMI, might I suggest the BlackMagic Design Intensity? I am saving money for a new PC build and this capture card and it looks... a little beastly. Check YouTube for some HD results.

    But if your laptop has an HDMI port, it is almost 100% likely it's just output.