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    Jan 10, 2015
    Hello GBA TEMP

    I had a Nintendo Wii since around 2007. Since then I bought the Nyko charge station which came with 2 rechargeable batteries and a charge station to charge both batteries at the same time. They were a great investment.

    Though Currently I think the batteries have reached their lifespan and dont even put nearly a half of the play time they used to be.

    I have been searching on amazon and I can't seem to just find the rechargeable battery pack itself. I would like to know what you guys use to have rechargeable and long reliable batteries for the Wii. Any recommendations or links to just rechargebable battery packs.



    -Have the Nyko charge station for 2 rechargeable battery packs. Good quality long lasting. Used for 8 years.
    -Looking for just another 2 replacement rechargeable battery packs.
    -Interested to see what other GBATEMP users use for their Wii remotes (regular duracell recharble batteries, Nyko, ect..)
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    Jun 29, 2007
    Back in the day I used just standard rechargeable NiMh AA batteries, no brand in particular just whatever I found around that seemed OK (I think I used Panasonic, but perhaps they were Energizer... who knows)
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    I got the Nyko rechargeable pack, last year, so it still works. However, one of the ports was busted, my fault. I don't remember how exactly it got bent, but yeah. However, the packs don't last long, and I just resorted to normal double As. I'd rather get rechargeable batteries, that station's a reason not to buy third party stuff. I got an Energizer pack that charges two Wii controllers and the Wii U gamepad. However, on the first day trying it out, it charged the Wiimote the first time, but I couldn't get it to work subsequent times. Practically a $30 waste.
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    my dad works for nintendo.
    i also use standarn Ni-MH aa batteries, however op would like to use his charge station which is pratical.. and since he got it, he could still use it..

    i have several "random" types of rechargeable batteries, some from duracell. some from ikea, and other brands..

    WiiFit_Guy, on nyko webpage you can just buy the batteries isn't this ones? this doesn't come with the station, but it comes with a stupid extra cover (i would prefer a option without the cover)

    also, try to look in your town for a battery store.. i mean, a store specialized on batteries.., you probably can open that thing (the battery pack) and in a battery shop they should be able to get the same type for you...
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    Mar 17, 2010
    I have the same Energizer charge station and it's really nice, but what I really hate about Wiimote charge stations is that they all use AAA's now. Not a single one I've found has used AAs, except the one I bought originally for my Wii, the batteries lasted at least 30 hours on it without needing to be charged, with the ones that use AAAs the batteries only last a few hours and they're never charged when I need them because I forget to put them back on the charger... I've resorted to just using regular non-rechargeable AAs now, they last much longer.

    The Energizer charge station is nice for keeping everything in one place though, it's great for space saving :)
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  6. WiiFit_Guy

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    Jan 10, 2015

    Thank You! Thats exactly what I was looking for. I agree with you with the cover, cause I already have it. Therefore an option to buy without the cover would be nice.
    I will look into it. Thanks!
  7. RandomUser

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    May 9, 2010
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    Or the op could refurbish his existing battery back by replacing the batteries inside, although might be more of a hassle then it is worth.
    You could use Li-Ion battery size 14500 in the Wiimote, and just one would be required to power the Wiimote.