Hacking Really stressed! Megaman 9 DLC does not work!


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Sep 24, 2008
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OK I have literally been on this for HOURS and I still can't do this.

I Can't get megaman9 dlc to load up for some reason.

The game installs fine but for the dlc just doesnt, i get....

New Game
Load Game
Time Attack

Really annoying....

I have read the other threads regarding this but still I am yet to find a solution..

Things I have already done.

Uninstalled my original megaman9
installed a new one first then the DLC second,
regionfree'd both the wad and the dlc
installed the megaman9 wad,booted it first and made a save THEN installed the dlc
tried installing them with wad manager 1.1 instead of 1.3 (i heard it worked)
have tried 5 different types of wad and dlc..
installed the new shop channel and new IOS
uninstalled starfall then re-installed it.

What am i doing wrong!!! please help...... the weird thing is i am getting the protoman save file showing up but the dlc just wont work

I am using 3.2E
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