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    OKAY, so a very wealthy friend of mine got in contact with me and pretty much told me that he is leaving the US, and he wants me to run his...well let's just call it an online store. what he sells is not important. He wants to hire me to run his store, and he will pay me on salary.

    Now, The hitch here is, I know very little about running an online store, and he also wants me to do research in getting into google adwords.

    I feel I might be in over my head here, but I also have a feeling that I can "fake it till I make it" and just wing it until I get comfortable enough to know what I'm doing...

    My question is, what do I need to know?
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    Uhhh... We can't help if we don't know what kind of store.

    Unless... It's THAT kind of store. [​IMG]

    I'd recommend getting AdSense from Google. Advertise in places people most often roam. Advertise in your signature!
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    Whatever he sells will depend on where you can advertise. So I take it as long as it's nothing illegal/adult related then you can have it on your sig as the easiest advertising move.

    The rest falls on you and your morality and how far you're willing to do this. Then again, money's involved, and that in itself motivates a lot of people, ethics be damned. You don't really need to know much if the site is build on an eCart platform. Usually those type of sites are ready to go, just make sure to answer timely to customers and their questions. It's just like having a blog, except you have to really pay close attention to it.
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    if its clothing go advertise on hypebeast and clothing places

    hmm but u wont say what

    how will u get customers if u wont even tell them what the store is