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Sep 2, 2012

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    Aug 23, 2007
    so im updating my Gameboy Advance rom collection, to Goodmerge3.14,
    and i get to Rockman EXE 4.5. there is [T+Eng1.2_Spikeman].

    i go over to, and it says:
    Spikeman -- Unfinished -- 0.12 -- 02 Jan 2007
    i go to Spikemans project website and its conpletly gone!


    T+Eng (Plus) means Completlely translated right?
    i assumed that was the most up to date source for Translations.

    GoodGBA also has: Chobits [T+Eng]. no record on Romhacking, and
    nothing anywhere to indicate who translated it, or what version it is.
    but the Plus + means a complete translation......

    the only whisper of a Chobits translation is a Gbatemp forum post from 2007,
    a guy saying he might possibly one day think about doing it if he gets the time.

    and also there is ""Black Matrix Zero"".
    GoodGBA = Black Matrix Zero (J) [T+Eng_Chris Judah]
    Romhacking = CJ -- Unfinished -- 1.0 -- 16, Sep, 2002

    No project page anywhere to be found!

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