RCM / Nand / Banning Questions

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    Sep 1, 2018
    Hello everyone, I have been a long time reader of the GBAtemp site, as it is a wealth of information. I have soft modding experience with previous Nintendo systems, but I have held off of the RCM on switch to date. I have a few questions, after doing some reading on the current state of the RCM exploit. Here they are as follows:

    - If I perform the RCM, I know I should immediately do a NAND dump
    - Is the NAND dump tool, built into the RCM tools? Are there any specific or more updated tools I should use these days for the RCM? Is there any special NAND dump tools external to exploit tools that should know about?
    - If I turn off the internet and then perform the exploit on boot, will the internet still be off, once booted in RCM mode?
    - Should I always RESTORE my clean NAND immediately when finished, before turning on any connectivity again. (I imagine this is the only way to avoid a ban, always be using clean NAND)

    Any other tips or tricks before I try? Thanks in advance.
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    Jan 19, 2017
    I believe the only way of backing up nand is injecting a payload such as hekate. I would recommend you clear/delete all your internet settings/connected networks and enabling airplane mode before doing any hacking. If you turn off the internet it will be off until you turn it back on. And yeah i think the safest way of connecting to internet after doing any hack is restoring your clean nand and wiping files used for exploits/hack/cfw from your sd card, maybe even formatting it. You can use 90DNS to connected to the internet while blocking nintendo servers, but it isnt guarenteed to avoid a ban. I'm m not the best person to talk about this, i'm just saying these things based on my experiencie and what i've read here. Someone with more knowledge can be more informative and helpful, maybe wait their reply to be sure.
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    Dec 10, 2013
    1. make clean nand dump before u want to jailbreak any switch.
    2. turn on airplane mode and delete any internet connect setting.
    3. download games patchs and DLCs nsps from PC not cdnsp.