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    So, a lot of stuff has happened recently with RiiConenct24, some are big too!

    Here's the list in no real order:

    So, first thing, 102032 just now (as I'm posting this) finally got fixed! That means there's no time limit when it comes to sending stuff.
    Thanks to help from @Fullmetal5!

    Second thing, a lot of CMOC stuff has been done thanks to the new developer of the team, Josh!
    Mostly, Posting Plaza is basically near done, and it has been announced that if everything goes well, CMOC should be released next month.
    Definitely a dream for most!

    Last thing, earlier this month, RiiTag has been released in an early beta, currently you can't do much but you can setup your profile in preparation for release.

    Hope everyone is excited with this!

    Exciting update! Today, it has been announced that the CMOC ETA will be announced in around a week now! Yoi!

    EDIT 2:
    Super exciting update! Recently, CMOC has finally been released! Make sure to get the patched CMOC from the RC24 Patcher.

    Website: rc24.xyz
    Server: https://discord.gg/b4Y7jfD
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    I'm very happy about this :lol:
    I have a save file where I used check mii out often when it was still in service, could I still use it?
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