Ratchet & clank 2 gravity trix

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    Oct 12, 2007
    ok fellas, for those who are bored, these trix are to amuse you. note thate there are 2 versions:
    thruster pack
    heli pack

    into the trix!

    thruster pack

    1. curved/orbiting stretch jump: just do a stretch jump near a ramp either on the bottom/top end

    2. levitator effect: double jump, glide towards the ramp and u should be push up from the ramp, and then come bak down

    3. fly 4ever: easier with the heli pack, do trick #2 but just before u start to get pushed, turn around, repeat with small circles and be in the rythym for constant gliding

    heli pack

    1. orbiting jump: stretch jump on top end, can't do this on bottom end

    2. magnetic repulsion: double jump as close to the ramp as possible but as soon as u start gliding, move towards the ramp. if u keep moving, u'll stay floating for a while.

    3. fly 4ever: same thing with #2 but after the curve, go backwards, then go up the ramp again while still gliding, etc.

    hav fun defying gravity:)

    Note: stretch jump-related trix are best done with the gravity spheres in the insomniac museum.