Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

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    Mar 17, 2008
    So I was playing RaC:SM on my friend's PSP, which I've borrowed for a while. It's a thoroughly enjoyable game, and a very good version of RaC for a portable copy. I think I broke my game though.

    So I was fighting the big boss on Kalidon, and beat it. Then a cutscene comes up, which I won't spoil, but basically at the end I was controlling Clank, in what looked like a robot arena. It was running fine, and I was enjoying some Robot Wars goodness when I was called off to do something, or I got bored, or something, because I turned it off.

    I come back about an hour later and turn it back on. I turned the PSP off completely; not on the standby mode. I go back into the game and I'm on Kalidon. I think to myself, "Well this can't be right. I just finished my work on Kalidon." I go all the way to the end of the level, and the boss isn't there. The portal back to the ship is. Where I go to where I went originally to activate the cutscene, nothing happens.

    Well, I thought, maybe I need to go to another planet. I check on GameFAQs, and nope. I was meant to fight in that robot arena thing.

    Just wondering if you could either
    A) Get me a save in that robot arena place (if possible)
    B) Tell me how to get to the Robot Arena Place
    Help me out in any way.

    If this is a known problem, I apologise. I don't know much about the PSP.