R4's "boot slot 2" option

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    Sep 26, 2009

    I noticed for the first time yesterday that when you choose boot slot 2 from the R4 menu to play a GBA game, pkmn Fire Red in this case, a crappy little border is around the frame that says R4 or the like. leaving me to believe the R4 is still loaded or in effect while i play my GBA game.

    So my question is this, using the boot slot 2 option, can i have a cheat file containing cheats for pkmn fire red, which is a genuine cart btw, and use this avenue to use the R4 as a sort of gameshark, enabling me to use cheats on my GBA game?

    would be cool if so, i wanna get that event ticket thing thats no longer available. if not, no biggy.. [​IMG]

    thanks fellas and shielas. [​IMG]
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    It is a screen hack to keep that area on, nothing more.

    There are several gba frames you can download in the download section.
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    Sep 26, 2009
    sounds cool. thanks [​IMG]
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    It'd go into GBA mode so it wouldn't be able to access the Slot-1 R4 & it's MSD with the cheat file.
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    what i do to use cheats on my gba games using the ds is... first, use the game on the ds, then save and create the .SAV file
    then copy the .GBA and the .SAV on a gba emulator directory (like VBA) and then load the game, load the battery
    and now, use the cheat that are found on the net... after have everything you want, save on the battery, copy the .SAV on your ds flashcard
    and thats all.... ity will work ^^

    make a back up file of your .SAV first!!!
    and be aware that if the cheat must be always on to work, the cheat wont work on your ds (wont stay in the save :/)
    im playing the same game, using a 3n1 and it work... but i cant get to have lots of money without corrupting the save game :/

    srry for my lame english ^^