1. tomthered

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    Jul 4, 2009
    I have my grandson's DSi which has firmware 1.2E on it. His R4i-sdhc.com flashcard has had the latest firmware installed onto it, which is 1.73d. It has the small yellow 1.4 logo on the card showing this is the correct firmware.

    Its not new but it has stopped working and we dont know why. It see the games but when you try to play one it says "error code 81 and error code 83 your card may be too fragmented and needs formatting with the Pansonic Format utility.

    I have used this to format the card, which is a 4gb SDHC and put the firmware back on the card with some games, but it keeps giving the same message. I have tried another micro sd card, but that's the same.

    Has anyone got a solution for this please? I have tried the card and micro sd card in another DSi and it worked fine.
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