1. Shion SinX

    OP Shion SinX Newbie

    Oct 3, 2013
    When I first bough my 3DS the only R4 avaliable here was the R4i from r4i-gold.hk

    On a later date I updated my 3DS thinking I could upgrade the card too, but only after I did it I came to know I would need another un-upgraded DS to do so.

    After a long wait they finally seem to have the updated kernel for my version, 3DS 5.1.0-11U, but I dont have another DS nor know someone who has one.

    When playing with the files, before update, I tried using another micro card with larger storage just by copying and pasting all the files in the other card, and it worked fine.

    So as I have no means to upgrade my card right now I came to ask if someone has the same card working on 5.1.0-11 or later and could help me uploading the files alredy updated so I could try.

    The other option I have is searching though the internet for someone who lives in my city and has a non-updated DS (Lite is better as I heard) to update my card, but I have no idea where I can do so right now, thats why I googled "3DS R4 forum" and found this place.

    Thanks in advance.
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