'R4i GOLD' questions [details inside]

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    Jul 29, 2010
    So, um, new cart. Well, the games that were there were working, from what I tried of it, but the GUI sucked and the menu didn't even show up for some reason.

    NOTE: Oh, yeah, website, right... It's here [the card fits the one pictured on top]. Also, the PCB is red from what little of it is showing [I don't dare pick apart a brand new cart].

    EDIT: The FAQs sent me to r4i-gold.com [for poblems with firmware] so apparently this card is based off of that or something. Is that significant at all?

    Anyway, here are my questions...

    1. Obviously it's a clone [fake? can you call it fake if it works?]. Anyone have any idea what it's a clone for?
    2. I've no experience with these weird chinese-type sites, so I couldn't distinguish where the stuff that runs the roms is/are [firmware? I've forgotten what they're called]. Is it the same as the 'kernel' or is that something else altogether?
    3. Are there any alternatives for the firmware/os/whatever they call it [kinda like akaio for acekard or wood for r4], just in case? Does that stuff not work on clones/fakes?
    4. Um... Any other info/whatever?

    I'm really at my wits' end here, guys... Thanks.
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    Jul 16, 2013
    1. There is a clone index for r4 on this forum.
    2. The kernel ( the links with different lang options).
    3. Check out retro game fan multicart. It might be supported.