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    I am new to the DS world and am looking for some guidance. I went to a flea market nearby my house and bought 2 Nintendo DS'S at $20 per! I couldnt pass it up. Now, my father and I have modded our Wii's so the idea isn't as hard to understand here. My problem is I want to make sure I am getting the right flashcart for my DS.Now i know each DS is different so depending on what you have reflects the cart you have to buy...my question is if i have a regular DS how do i know which one will give me the best bang for my buck.This is the one im looking at currently


    Now another question I have that i don't recall seeing the in FAQ is updates, how does it work if it requires me to do an update? On my WII we just don't do it...and our PS3 we have a way around it. Or is this something i need not worry about?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
    If you bought a regular old DS or DS Lite literally any card will work on the console, with the exception of the few that are on the market that run 3DS games (for obvious reasons). The one you linked would work, though my card of choice as well as that of many other's is the Supercard DSTWO. Definitely pricier but it has the most comprehensive feature set of any card out there, the biggest draw being the onboard CPU has some native software written for it that allows you to emulate SNES and GBA games (though GBA games would be better run from something like an EzFlash 3in1).

    On a DS or DS Lite, updates are not something you need to worry about. The DSi and onward, up to the current 3DS and 2DS consoles get updates (though I don't foresee the DSi consoles getting any more updates). The only thing that would ever need updating if you're running it on a DS/Lite would be the card's kernel, which is the loader software - this will include patches that allow you to run new games that hit the market, though again, I don't foresee many more games hitting the DS, nevermind ones that have some crazy antipiracy that actually warrant a kernel update.

    Edit, if you're only using it on a DS/Lite, and NOT a DSi or 2/3DS console, I'd honestly apply a "go big or go home" outlook here. Get the DSTWO (which currently works on every Nintendo handheld produced), or you may as well get the original R4 DS card. If you don't plan on moving to a 3DS in the future (at which point the card you linked may not be compatible with it anyway), the only benefit you get from your link is that card supports microSDHC, and can hold more games. The R4 DS I linked only supports microSD up to 2GB, so you'll be a little more limited in capacity. Less so if you trim your roms with NDSTokyoTrim.
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    I have had the R4i Gold 3DS RTS for 7 months and I am very happy with it. Personally for me I was about to get the Supercard DSTWO but since I payed my DS Lite hardware from ebay last year for around $40, I didn't want to spend another $40 for a flashcart. Both carts are excellent but as Sicklboy said Supercard lets you do more.

    For me the R4i Gold 3DS RTS has everything I need. Playing DS ROMS, Playing GameBoy/GameBoy Color games using the Gameyob emulator, Playing Sega Genesis game using the jEnesisDS emulator, Moonshell listening to music, playing DOOM and other hombrew apps like Colors!, Animantee and more. And plus it's Wood R4 official support

    Both carts R4i Gold 3DS RTS and Supercard DSTWO will work on a 3DS as well if you decide to get one in the future. One thing I was impressed with the R4i Gold 3DS RTS is that the last update patch was released about a year ago and seems to be unblockable on the 3DS latest firmware 8.1.0-19 so far. Of course that could change in the future which the Supercard DSTwo might have an advantage since it didn't need a hardware upgrade for years I think.

    If you got the money and don't mind and lets you do more, go with the Supercard DSTwo. If you only want to spend $15 - $20 depending where you buy go with R4i Gold 3DS RTS. Both are currently hot products, reliable and gets good support and updates.
  4. BestR4i3DS.com

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    The R4i gold 3DS is a good card, your choice is right!

    If you need other choice:
    cheaper one: the oldest R4DS (about US$5.00)
    better one: Supercard dstwo
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