R4i 3DS Gold Deluxe Setup

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  1. shakoor_h

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    Nov 30, 2013
    I don't understand the instructions I've seen for this. It says you need 2 microSD cards that are 2gb+ size. I don't care about playing DS games on my 3DS, I've got a DS for that, so can I not run the Wood exploit on a 1GB microSD card, and keep an 8GB for 3DS games only?

    Also, just to make sure I've got it right so I don't mess it up. The instructions are:

    1. Run the Wood exploit with Grey/Blue card and copy something.
    2. Put Launcher.dat on SD card and click DS profile in settings
    3. Then you can "write" a ROM on to another microSD card in order to run one 3DS game from the White/Gold card?

    At what point can you back up the NAND and/or setup the emuNAND?? And is the white card basically useless without using the grey card first?
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    You need a DS card to install the exploit on your console. (not necessarilly a "wood" exploit, it works with all cards capable of launching DS homebrew, like SuperCard DS Two, etc.)
    You can use your current working DS card, you don't need the one bundled with the 3DS flashcard.
    Put the installer.nds on your own DS flashcard's microSD and run it as any other homebrew.
    Then you need only one MicroSD to put a 3DS game on it.

    The 3DS card is useless without installing the hack with the DS homebrew (using whatever DS card working on your 3DS).

    EmuNAND can be done after installing the hack with the DS homebrew.
    When you launch the DS Profile, hold L button to enter into the Launcher.dat menu.
    EmuNAND is not needed to play ROMs.

    Look at the Wiki FAQ, and ask questions in Noob paradise thread, or in the Flashcart usage and support thread.
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