1. TornZero

    OP TornZero GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 15, 2009
    United States
    I can use R4YSAuto just fine. I choose to create the YSMenu activator as a .NDS file (No auto-booter). Now I can get things started PERFECTLY when I choose the file in the Games menu. Also, it fixes my cheat code appearance problem COMPLETELY! It's the best R4 firmware (And only one that should EVER be used!) EVER! One problem. I choose the cheats (Some don't even have them) and when I choose ANY .NDS file, a box pops up. "Unsupported DLDI Name". I could really use some help on this, please.

    PS, I am using an R4-New SDHC with a 4GB TF card and whenever I try adding+patching YSMenu manually, I can't get it to even get past the loading screen.
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