R4DS and EZflash 3in1 Management help

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    So, I apologize in advance, I tried my best to search for topics and whatnot as not to have to post here, but I'm just stuck on a lot of things. I know that I have a lot of questions, but any help would be awesome!

    I have my R4DS (not the SDHC one, the original I believe) and an EZFlash 3in1 Slot2 Card. There's a few things I'm trying to do, with little success:

    Use the 3in1 as RAM for the DS Browser. I read two solutions, patch the .nds, or set the 3in1 for RAM use with GBAExploader. However, I have problems with both. I can't find a patch that I can get to work (the one I found was a .bat and my computer has issues with that). I'd like perhaps a patch in .ips format or something easier to use with Windows, and not DOS. As with GBAExploader, I wasn't sure where that option was... I could only switch it from PSRAM to NOS and that didn't work. (When I had it on PSRAM)

    Another problem is running GBA games. Do I have to flash the GBA ROM file to the 3in1 everytime I run a game? Or is there a way to keep games (or at least one game) on it?

    When playing games like Pokemon (GBA) it says the internal battery is dead, which makes sense. Is there a way to make GBA games use the DS battery to avoid this problem?

    Anyway to use Gameshark/Codebreaker/etc. on the 3in1 without dumping GBA save to my computer and use VirtualBoy? (If not, that's okay, not a big deal)

    And, anything else that I should use my 3in1 for besides GBA games, and RAM for the browser? Like, anything it can do that's awesome?

    I apologize again, I'm sure that a lot of these answers (if not all) are on the forums/google somewhere, but I'm just having issues no matter what I find.

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    Read first. then ask again what you think is unclear.

    Most pokemon games use a RTC, Real Time Clock, a hardware chip not found in the 3in1. That is why it says the internal battery is dead. Is there a way to make GBA games use the DS battery to avoid this problem, NO. That is why you have to patch pokemon games with a RTC patch. Exception is pokemon emerald, it has no known working patches available in ANY language.

    The 3in1 has 2 GBA modes, PSRAM and NOR. PSRAM is temporary storage, like your computer RAM it loses everything when the power is turned off. NOR is a type of flash storage like your usb sticks, you only need to write to it once to play over and over even after the power goes out. There is also SRAM, this is where your save data is stored on the 3in1. The battery in the 3in1 powers your SRAM so you don't lose your save when you turn it back on and dump your save.

    IPS patchers can be found in the downloads section of gbatemp.

    As for your GS/CB/etc:

    VBA doesn't support CB save dumps, only the old GS.