R4 SDHC dual core cheat function

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    Feb 16, 2016
    recently purchased this cart, cart says it is from www.r4isdhc.com.cn and I used the unique key identifier to ensure it was a genuine card from this website. I installed kernel fine and wood is quite good. I launch mario kart and everything works fine. except one cheat

    I tested this cheat on desmume and it works fine however when I use it on the r4 it just doesn't work. Other cheats that I use on these emulators work perfectly on the r4. I replaced rom and save file and cheat db, nothing. edit: the same cheat does NOT work on no$gba. wut?

    Is it the way the cart applies the cheat to the game? If so I might have the wrong firmware update installed (I have two dsmenu.dat files, one in uppercase which came with wood, downloaded from their website. and the other in lowercase which is also downloaded as a firmware update from their website. (but wrongly shown as a kernel)

    I'm using dsi v1.4.5e firmware and everything about the cart works fine except this one cheat(weird af). I'm going to test it on my nds tomorrow as it's late atm.

    Why is it not working on no$gba or the r4 but it is working on desmume??
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